About GEM Real Estate Holdings

We are driven by a passion for acquiring and revitalizing overlooked single family homes.

GEM Real Estate Holdings, LLC, was established in the State of Florida by Gary McKee. Our mission is two-fold: 

We enhance the aesthetics and functionality of our home projects, create stunning living spaces all while providing a tremendous value to families that we serve.

We offer our investors a low-risk option investing in single family homes with promising returns. With a commitment to efficient remodeling and improvement, our focus is on ensuring that every space we touch undergoes a transformation that not only adds value but also brings a sense of security, tranquility, and joy to families.

Our Vision

We are dedicated to enhancing the well-being of our buyers and elevating communities through innovative solutions, unwavering integrity, and superior construction. Our drive is to transform the ordinary into something extraordinary, making everyday experiences exceptional while adding enduring value.

Collaborative Investment Approach

GEM Real Estate Holdings primarily funds acquisitions however we occasionally partner with like-minded investors for post-sale gains. In these instances, we oversee the entire process from acquisition to sale, leveraging our expertise to secure investment income from tangible hard assets.

Our Mission

Our mission is to effectively rejuvenate and enhance the distressed Real Estate market nation wide with a larger focus in the Florida market by prioritizing top-notch renovations. Through our commitment to quality remodeling, we aim to deliver modernized properties to homeowners at competitive prices, ultimately adding significant value to the single family real estate market.